SBC Week 8: Games

Hi guys, it’s hmsmarim,

The activity that I did this week was to go to the Flipboard Magazine and comment on 3 blog posts.

Game 2: Flipboard Three

Many great student posts are being flipped to the 2018 #stubc Flipboard magazine, but Miss W is not sure how many of you have actually checked them out. So here are the instructions for this game.

  1. Click on Flipboardboard magazine: link here
  2. Click on the post title of what looks like an interesting image or a catchy title
  3. You should now be taken to the actual blog post, read it and leave a comment
  4. Come back to the magazine again and repeat two more times

I commented on 3 blog posts from the Flipboard Magazine.

I commented on:

Claire Louise’s Fantabulous Blog post

Here’s the comment:

Hi Claire Louise,
I really enjoyed reading your post about your Easter weekend. The hotel you stayed at sounds very interesting because I live Hawaii and normally we don’t have a game room. Hope you had a great time! Check out my blog:
~Mari (hmsmarim)

I chose her blog post because her story was very interesting and I was intrigued by the post that she posted.


Allison’s Amazing Blog!

Here’s the comment:

Hi Allison,
I’m Mari and I live in Hawaii, so we don’t have snow where we live over here. I like how your post is formatted. Even though I don’t really like running, I still liked your post. Come check out my blog:
Keep posting!
Mari (hmsmarim)

I chose her blog post to comment on because I really liked the way she did certain things to make her blog post interesting.


Maddie’s Snazzical Stuff

Here’s the comment:

Hello Maddie,

I love the pictures you found on Pexels, Teepublic, Throne of GlassWiki, Texas A&M Athletics, and VoltronWiki. The descriptions you put with the pictures are great because it reflects on you.

Check out my blog:

Mari (hmsmarim)

I chose her blog post because she found pictures and then wrote a description of what she does or thinks about that picture she found.


What activity did you do? Leave a link to your blog so I can comment!


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